Snatched By J

Mission Statement

"Reshaping Body confidence for the everyday woman"

Snatched by J is a brand created on the foundation that all women should be a source of radiant self confidence, while being physically healthy. 

We look forward to helping women from everywhere, of all body types to develop a positive relationship with the way they look, while also helping them raise their self-esteem and tap into their full potential.


Snatched By J was founded by Jalice Parks in 2017. Jalice is currently a full time employee in the tech industry, a mother of 2, and runs her small business.

"After becoming a new mother of two, I wanted something to help me physically feel like myself again."

                                              -Jalice Parks


We currently aim to provide shape ware to women that will assist with their postpartum transitions, fitness activities and everyday task.

Our mission is to help women everywhere, of all body types. We greatly emphasize the idea of all women having body positivity.

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